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The BeeKeeper's Secret

Senator Jeffrey Lance was found dead in the Amazon Rain forest under mysterious circumstances. Years before, holistic doctors throughout the country had also died from shadowy causes. Could they be connected? There was only one answer in the irrepressive mind of Maxine Ford. With the scent of a hound dog, she swings into action as these deaths raise doubts. In hot pursuit, she uncovers some baffling revelations that sends her off to New Mexico to track down a beekeeper. Following a bizarre chain of events, she is thrust into the throes of a far-reaching investigation that looms larger with the introduction of Big PhRMA and the FDA. As it becomes clear that her adversaries are on her trail, you will find Max digging in her stilettos for another nail-biting thriller.

Could a beekeeper hold the secret to solving the mystery?


The risks didn’t deter Max from plunging ahead in her usual no-holds-barred style to uncover the answer. Neither the President, an international-supranational body, nor an assassin at her doorstep, could dissuade her from discovering what was behind the potentially explosive, high-stakes game they were playing.  


Fernandez has seized another controversial subject from which she has confected an exciting fictional plot doused with alluring intrigue, while offering the reader a gripping story of a contemporary subject matter. The facts from her precise research added to the stew only underscores the validity of the narrative. Reader’s will be engrossed in a page-turning plot that provides a visit behind the scenes of a vital subject of current interest.

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Munich '72

by David Ulich, Stephen Ungerleider, Michael Cascio

On September 5, 1972, Palestinian extremists infiltrated the athletes’ dorms at the Munich Summer Olympics to take 11 Israeli athletes hostage and eventually murdered them all before being killed or captured by the German police. as well as chronicling the four-decade-long struggle to create a public memorial to the victims of the massacre.

This photographic book is a touching tribute to the 11 Israeli athletes who were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Summer Olympics in 1972. It details shocking new information about the tragic events, their devastating aftermath and the heroic efforts to seek recognition and remembrance for the victims.

Munich 72 and Beyond is the story of this horrendous slaughter and the struggle to navigate 43 years of politics and now the moment of redemption for the victims.


by Brian T. Church and Phillip Duncan

Insperience. Customer experience is wholly dependent upon it. Revenue charts mirror its rise and fall. It is the key factor to minimizing employee turnover and associated costs. Insperience is an internal movement to create a positive atmosphere that manifests through employee loyalty, happiness, and productivity. Before there can be an exceptional, repeatable Customer Experience there must be an exceptional, consistent Insperience. Beyond traditional employee engagement, Insperience is a fundamental principle. You can’t pour out onto your clients what you haven’t first poured into your team.


by David Black


Unstoppable is the inspiring story of Congressman Diane Black’s remarkable life and accomplishments, written by her husband, David L. Black, PhD, who captures the heart and spirit of this dynamic woman in a way only he could. From growing up in public housing to holding public office, Diane Black has lived the classic American Dream. Despite her humble upbringing, she became the first in her family to attain a college degree and went on to a successful career in nursing.

In this moving memoir, Dr. Black recounts the unforgettable moment in 1967 when he first laid eyes on Diane, and how eleven years later they finally embarked on a life together. When Dr. Black moved his family to Tennessee in 1986, he never imagined that his wife would one day be elected to the Tennessee General Assembly and later to the US Congress. Dr. Black’s moving tribute reveals the genuine character behind the nationally known public figure and the truth behind the political falsehoods. Named one of the twenty-five most influential women in Congress, Diane Black is dedicated to serving others and has an unstoppable spirit of determination in all she does.

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