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Dunham Books is a boutique book publisher founded in 2010. We are looking for great books in all genres—lifestyle, health and beauty, fitness, history, politics, business, cooking, sports, inspiration and motivation, and commercial fiction. For information about getting your book published, or for information on our consulting services, email us at: info@dunhamgroupinc.com

From Darkness to Sight

The amazing story of one man’s inspirational journey of turning fear, poverty, persecution, and prejudice into healing and love for others. “Dr. Wang is not only a dear friend and the very best eye surgeon, he is also one of the greatest people I have ever known.” - Dolly Parton

Betrayal in Charleston 

An epic true story of deceit, betrayal, extortion, kidnapping, and a brilliant FBI sting!


Ask is the Mind-Reading system that is revolutionizing online business and based on the compelling premise that you should NEVER have to guess what your prospects and customers are thinking. 

Relationship Momentum

The business book written for anyone who has ever had an idea or an agenda, which will introduce you to a selection of new concepts while providing a formula that will become the catalyst and the answer for helping your ideas and initiatives move.

Keeping Secrets

Our darkest secrets show themselves for what they are—and what they are not. This is a true story about survival and recovery from the madness of childhood sexual abuse. And, happily, it’s about redemption.

The Art of Getting What You Want

Life is a journey, not a destination, and the author, a successful entrepreneur and mother, shares her secrets in business and in life, showing the reader how to overcome our fears and failures, and realizing our hopes and dreams.

How To Play Baseball

A toolbox valuable information for parents, coaches or anyone who is in a position of responsibility for young athletes.


A compelling “who-dun-it” that’s also a political thriller, focusing on the hotly debated issue of global warming and climate change.

I Am A Woman

This beautiful linen covered book captures the beautiful breadth of the female experience, with all its cluttered and clouded magic, with striking photographs and wise quotes of courageous women from all walks of life.

40 Things

This book provides parents with a concise and powerful resource to help educate and inform their children on critical issues such as marriage, truth, the law, the purpose of government, and salvation.

The Genesis Factor

No matter where you are with your health today, you can be made new—or “newer” by tapping in to the “Genesis Factor”.  The author reveals the best, easiest, and fastest possible ways to maximize fitness, optimize leanness, and eat right for your hormones.


The message of SING! will help anyone overcome their fear of failure, conquer stage-fright, build their confidence, boost their creativity, deepen relationships with their community, and go for goals they never imagined before. Practical business tips will help the reader apply these lessons to the workplace and to everyday life.

Raising Champions

American families have doubled down on their commitment to kids’ sports. This book will help parents raise kids whose passion is to be God’s champions in this world of more.

Listen, Learn, Love

This user-friendly guide is filled with practical suggestions and basic skills anyone can use to create better relationships, filled with concise and actionable tips with clarity, humor and authenticity.


An intriguing novel about America’s rapidly sinking economy that brought chaos of gargantuan proportions, the push for global governance threatening America’s sovereignty, and its need of for solutions.

Safe Stardom

The perfect “insiders” guide for parents and children wanting to pursue a career in entertainment from author Robert Pafundi, who has worked in the industry as a talent agent, talent manager, and entertainment lawyer.

51 Days

A great resource to transform your body and mind with a no excuses approach at a lifestyle change, including recipes and exercises.

I See the Crowd Roar

The courageous story of baseball great, William “Dummy” Hoy—the first deaf player to have an extended career in the major leagues.

The Ultimate Revenge

The explosive conclusion to “The Simon Trilogy” that has held political thriller readers tightly in its grasp—the final chapter of a gripping narrative that challenges the reader to put the book down.

The Mission

This New Scotland Yard crime suspense novel is peopled with unforgettable, complex characters. Jenny, the female protagonist, must learn how to overcome psychological trauma.

25,000 Mile Love Story - Youth Ed.

Serge Roetheli called “the toughest man I ever met” and “quite probably the greatest endurance athlete of all time.” This new “youth edition” will challenge our kids to make their lives into a great adventure, while always looking out for the poor and downtrodden.

Health and Happiness

The only guide book filled with practical information that guides the female reader through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle changes that will help her to become healthier and happier.

Coming October 2017

Dear Pastor

This little book examines our situation both Biblically and historically that lays out in four steps how to restore the nation.

100 Years From Now

This book by Steve Murrell explores the importance of understanding mission, values, and culture in order to grow and sustain a movement for generations.

9 Ways We're Screwing Up...

A revolutionary guide for parents with girls that uncovers the root causes of the self-esteem crisis, the ways we are unknowingly contributing to it, and what we can do to ensure that every girl is empowered to reach her full potential.

A Girl Called Nettie

This the story of a Bahamian Out Island girl who dared to reach beyond her circumstances and persisted in moving forward, against all odds and the prejudices of mankind, to experiences and successes never imagined.

Between Flights

The personal and moving memoir of Sigourney Woods Cheek and her battle with cancer, written shortly before her in 2010.

The Fragile Face of God

In this heart-rending true account, LeeAnn Taylor opens with an urgent prayer for death, describing her harrowing battles raising three children with Fragile X syndrome and autism, the frightening episodes with her disabled sons, and the anguish of mothering these fragile children.


A fictional story based on an urban legend from a suburb in Winnipeg, Canada.  Kristian James, an artist based in Los Angeles, has recently created a series of creepy sketches, only to realize they are a reflection of memories from her childhood.

Keep On Running

This exquisite photographic coffee-table book, chronicles the run of “the Americas” by Serge and Nicole Roetheli - over 24,000 kilometers from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska in just under three years - a run for the benefit of the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Foundation in Valais, 

Justice For All

A compelling novel about K.D. Jennings who lives in small-town Alabama with her depressed mother and the memories of a father who abandoned them.

Dreaming Heaven

An intimate, mysterious, and illuminating portrait of people from many walks of life, offering practices, activations, journaling prompts, meditative thoughts, and affirmations to assist readers with a deeper exploration of the themes, insights, and transformational power.


Author Larry Tomczak issues a challenge to people of all ages to become informed influencers in today's changing culture, addressing the critical political issues of our day.

16th Minute of Fame

Darrell Miller redefines fame as that crucial point in your life or career—whether you are a celebrity or not—that has the potential to take you to a higher level of success.

A Perfect Event

Party planner Debi Lilly shares her secrets to easy, elevated, inspired and affordable celebrations—regardless of your budget. And once you try them, you will be hooked, and you will learn to make memories with friends and family for any occasion.

And All the Queen's Men

Direct and true to her own ideals, this talented debut author tells her profoundly intimate story as she slips from adolescence to adulthood in present day.

Brotherhood Beyond the Yard

A hair-raising page-turner from start to finish that examines political ideology, the international banking crisis, the role of Internet technology, and international terrorism with ferocious insight.

Nicole's Diary

An inspiring journal of one couple’s run across the world including Nicole’s joys of sharing, her times of sadness, and her happiness of living a different way.

No One Said It Would Be Easy

The moving story of a husband's loss of his wife and their journey through her battle with breast cancer.

Mermaids & Martinis

Everyone loves to throw the perfect party—the one all your friends talk about. Today, everyone is searching for ways to save and still do the things they love in a big way, and almost everyone is craving for creative ideas and solutions to celebrate their lives in a big way—on a tiny budget.

Ronald Reagan

The impact of President Reagan’s leadership is still evident, and this unique photographic collection honors his life and legacy that helped him become one of our greatest leaders ever.

Take Our Country Back

Chris Cassone was one of millions of Americans who joined the Tea Party movement and whose song, “Take Our Country Back”, helped turn that movement into a truly revolutionary force.

Noble's Quest

Fresh on the heels of her acclaimed first novel Brotherhood Beyond the Yard, Sally Fernandez has penned a sequel that will add more sparkling thrills to the trilogy she is authoring.

Save America Now!

The majority of Americans are tired of the radical ideologues intent on surrendering our national sovereignty, and are refusing to accept nationalizing our financial, auto, energy and healthcare industries. This book offers the principles that have made the United States the greatest, most prosperous and most generous nation in history.

Rules for Conservatives

Saul Alinsky wrote his Rules for Radicals in the 1960 as an instructional guide for liberals on how to seize power. Rules for Conservatives shows how Alinsky did this and how conservatives can use his tactics to stop the incremental takeover by liberals.


The inspirational and rags-to-riches autobiography of boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.

The 25,000 Mile Love Story

This is a true love story that has lasted a lifetime—a love for the world's roads and all the people who inhabit them. This intriguing memoir chronicles the author’s run across the world (over 25,000 miles) and the many people he met and helped.

Making Sense of It All

The perfect resource to help anyone, no matter their current financial knowledge, plan for their future.

Modern Marijuana Living

Author Michael Green invites readers to discover the modern, healthy, and positive ways to safely and enjoyably keep marijuana in their life while maximizing their potential.

The Beauty Cookbook

Looking good is in. This is the first-ever recipe book where what you create will be used on your body instead of put on your plate. It features inexpensive recipes, beauty treatments and tips for head-to-toe beauty.

WebPowered Entrepreneur

WebPowered Entrepreneur demystifies online marketing by telling you exactly what to do—a real, practical resource for a person with an established business, or someone who wants to start a business online.

The Drive At 35

This is the inspiring account of Andy Lipman's life with cystic fibrosis and the candid story of a young man finding his way in the world, despite big challenges.

The Witness

No one expected Jennifer Jeffries to survive the physical and emotional trauma she experienced. This novel portrays the rebuilding of a traumatized life from victim to survivor to victor—clues for real recovery are revealed from Jenny’s harrowing journey.

Walking Among Giants

This is the story of Bobby Wood, a man who never gave up in spite of discouragement and tragedy who is living the American dream in the world of music. He has played with the greats, which include Elvis, Garth, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, among others.

A Little Bit Vulnerable

Janine Turner opens up about her private life and reveals how she climbed out of the canyons of heartbreak, alcoholism, and the death of her father, as well as her call to action for American men, women and children to preserve American principles.

The Next Nightmare

Author Peter Feaman draws on classic allegories to illustrate the deadly dangers of failing to grasp the determination of radical jihadists.

We Believe

This book is designed to be a quick and easy way for Americans to understand what we, as a nation, believe and the core values upon which our great country was built and what our Founding Fathers believed in the hopes of making us all better-informed Americans.


Discover the truth about the abuses of power and the cover-ups by the IRS, exposing it as a blatantly unfair and corrupt entity which is unable to be reformed and, therefore, must be abolished.

The New Founders

What would George Washington think of today's America? In this novel, the authors bring the father of our country back to life in modern day America and he evokes the spirit of the founders and explains how the principles that built this great nation need to be applied today in order to save it.

The YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Follow the stories of the men and women whose passion for the organization catapulted the YMCA of Middle Tennessee to greatness. A beautiful full-color coffee-table book.

Singaporean Thoughts

This is the story of an Asian-born model and actress, which includes her thoughts on decor, politics, religion, and dating.

WCVB-TV Boston

Bob Bennett was a pioneer in local television. This book and the story of WCVB-TV, has broken the hearts and souls of some, dashed the hopes of others and ultimately made forty-five people millionaires by the time the station was sold to Metromedia.

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