"I have worked with David for over 30 years, as a publishing colleague and in several other business ventures as well. He is an excellent publisher, a creative and savvy businessman, and a dear friend."

—Michael S. Hyatt, Former Chairman & CEO, Thomas Nelson, Inc. / New York Times Best-selling Author

"David was amazing to work with on my book - the most creative marketing and publishing guru in the business. But even better, he's a big-picture guy who understands branding, whether it involves publishing, licensing, corporate endorsements, or product development. His creativity and versatility are amazing."

—Daymond John, Founder & CEO of FUBU / Co-Host of ABC's Shark Tank / Best-selling Author

"David is an incredible partner, both as a publisher and as a consultant. He has brought his many talents to my business, from his innovative marketing ideas to his incredible tenaciousness, and to his wide contact base. He knows everyone, and if he doesn't, that doesn't stop him! He is a superstar in the publishing world, and it's no wonder he has so many bestsellers. He has helped many authors make their dreams come true."

—Susie Coelho, CEO Susie Coelho Enterprises / Lifestyle Expert / Designer / Best-selling Author

"David Dunham combines the unique qualities of a deep love of books and profound understanding of how to market them. I am grateful to this day that he published my first two books, the second of which would not have become a New York Times best-seller without his skilled guiding hands"

—Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Fox Senior Legal Analyst / New York Times Best-selling Author

"David is a rare breed in business today. He's a savvy publisher, he knows the media world inside and out, and he is one of the most dynamic and passionate people I know. His boundless energy and unique creativity have brought success to every project he's overseen. David is a trusted and insightful agent and publisher, whose-highly respected guidance is valuable to many of us in the media."

—Rita Cosby, Veteran News Anchor / Best-selling Author

"David Dunham is one of the sharpest publishing guys around. He helped me publish my very first book, Financial Peace, and then played a big part in making my Total Money Makeover book a mega-bestseller. But beyond his publishing knowledge, he's got a great marketing mind, and he knows a ton about exploiting intellectual properties."

—Dave Ramsey, Author of the New York Times bestsellers, Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace / Syndicated Radio Host

"I have known David for several years and I appreciate his great business acumen, his knowledge of publishing, and his fantastic marketing and branding creativity. He is a man of honor and integrity, and I am pleased to call him a dear friend."

—Joseph G. Lake, Co-Founder, Children’s Miracle Network (retired)

"In my ten years co-hosting Fox and Friends, David was one of the best people to work with. If he was involved in a project I knew it would be interesting, informative, and fun. He and his clients never failed. The interview segments were great and David was diligent in his preparation and follow-through. So when it was time to write my own book, the first person I went to was David!"

—E.D. Hill, Author / Former Fox News and CNN Co-host

"I have worked with David on-and-off for 20 years, and his grasp of publishing, marketing and branding is second-to-none."

—Andy Andrews, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"David Dunham is one of the main reasons I'm in publishing today. He mentored me as I got my start and even oversaw publication of my first book. He's got the right intuitions about the business and knows what it takes to market books in a saturated marketplace."

—Joel J. Miller, Vice President of Acquisitions, Nelson Books / Author of Lifted by Angels & Bad Trip: How the War Against Drugs Is Destroying America

"I have had the privilege—and it truly is a privilege—of working with David on a number of diverse publishing projects over the years. Whether it's a memoir from a Holocaust survivor, a how-to book on entertaining from a noted style expert, a cookbook from a top chef and restaurateur, a business book from a successful entrepreneur and TV personality, or a gorgeous photo-filled history book on a US president, David brings an unparalleled level of knowledge, insight, creativity, and leadership to the table. His years of experience in the publishing industry with major publishing companies and also as a successful entrepreneur manifest themselves in the high level of professionalism David gives to every project. You won't find a person with as much of a grip on the big-picture creative process as he has on the minutiae. And this is what makes David the best—his unwillingness to let anything fall below a high standard of excellence. When David is on your team, you truly have nothing to worry about. You can rest assured that your project will receive an inimitable degree of attention on every front and that the end result will be far better than you imagined. What's more, you won't find a kinder, more sincere guy out there. David is tops!"

—Emily Mulloy Prather, Writer & Editor / Brand Manager / 2013-2014 Vice President of Communications & Marketing for the Junior League of Nashville

"I have worked with David Dunham for over 10 years and have appreciated his amazing knowledge of the book industry and his endless business connections, both in publishing and also in the entertainment industry. As founder and CEO of Levine Communications, I was privileged to have worked with many of the authors and celebrity clients of David and his firm, The Dunham Group. David's understanding of how to get a product to market is second-to-none. And although I consider him a valued business colleague, it is a privilege to also count him as a friend."

—Michael Levine, Founder, Levine Communications Public Relations / Best-selling Author

"This is a man that never disappoints. I have worked with David for nearly a decade and have continually been impressed with his persistence, talent, and kindness. He’s a big vision, forward thinker in an industry that is eager for innovation. But most important, he always invests deeply in whatever he’s doing. His authors, clients, and colleagues are valued at a level that is rare for today’s standards. I would always choose to have him in my corner."

—Megan Proby, Writer & Editor / Former VP of Invisible Children

"David is a legend in the publishing industry and I have worked with him on dozens of books over the years. In one year alone we had 7 New York Times bestsellers!"

—Chris Roslan, Principal, Roslan & Campion Public Relations

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